Friday, December 28, 2018

Latvian Girl for Marriage

Dating Relationship Marriage
  latvian girl for marriage
Name: Jadviga
Age: 27 -- Riga - Latvia

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    latvian girl for marriage

latvian girl for marriage



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Unknown said...


shuaxevski said...

Hi, beautiful. you are very beautiful girl. I want you to be my wife. I am Zaur Mosidze. I live in Georgia. I am 40 years old. my WhatsApp number is +995599852127.

hydar assi said...

i am hydar 39 years old looking for serious lasting relationship
love leads to marriage
hope we can talk
00963945741078 my phone and whatsapp
john.seagar1 is my skype email

best regards.

Umar said...

hy dear miss i am looking life partner/ me from Pakistan ,34 age , i like you.reply to e.m are my whats ap +966 593912707

barnaba said...

I may God Bless you to choose the right one for your life. I pray may god will give you a wisdom and knowledge to you. If you really looking for someone then kindly consider me to. I it will be great blessing for me......... I am Barnabas from Darjeeling, India and is my mail id.... if you want to know about me whenever you want you just mail me and I will sent you my bio.

Thank you and May God bless

Dali said...

Hi girl, my name is Mohamed Ali i live in Carthage and my whatsapp num is +21623714808
Im waiting for you ^^
my facebook profile:

Abdullah Zaber said...

Hi how are you.i see from soudi Arabia.
My home country Bangladesh.i like latvia and Latvian girls for life mail address
I'm 32 years old. hight 68 inches and weight 74 to me an Latvian girl for marriage.i about something English and good speak in Hindi.

Solomon said...

hi dear i am from Ethiopia 37 yrs old, for further discussion hangout me by

Haider Ali said...

Hello dear my name is Haider Ali I am 23 years old you also can contact me in messenger or WhatsApp my WhatsApp number +923107884979

Haider Ali said...

Hello dear,My name is Haider Ali i am 23 years old you also can contact me in messenger or WhatsApp my WhatsApp number +923107884979

Zeeshan said...

Hi my name zeeshan i am 22 year old if you interested please informed me on my email or WhatsApp my number +923155914848

Masud farhan said...

Hello my name Farhan masud
From Bangladesh 🇧🇩
I am single
Need marriage same one
When you went me countet with me
WhatsApp number +8801728977646
Facebook. Farhanmasud4002

hassan said...

hello lativian

Sule Charles Agyenaab said...

Hello Jadviga my dear , I hope you're doing good ? thank God I'm also doing good too ? I'm Charles from Ghana a young man of 31 years of age and single without kid, my dear ? merely looking you your beauty and smiling you made me feel peace and comfort, you are beautiful and your beauty really amazed me, I'm in love and without you I'm nothing but sorrowful , I love you and will stand by you wholeheartedly , I'm therefore seeking from you marriage relationship which may lead us to produced a beautiful and blessed offspring, but I know you might hate fake lover's, Jadviga ? Prediction may be false even when it becomes true, but trust me, I will never disappoint you, having you is the best thing in my life , I will make you feel secure and I'm always there for you in times of your need and in times of difficulties to comfort you so you may have peace and happiness, love is life but true love is beautiful life and ultimate , I promise to be Faithful and loyal to you but not to cheat or hurt you neither to become rude on you , I will tell you the truth about whatever you want to know , because if man is 100% honest with a woman definitely she will trust him no matter what, that is the sign of a man who wants to grow with you ,though I'm not rich but however hard working, I promise to offer support and accommodation when the situation calls for such , serious love are always respect and support love , more Importantly you make happy and never hurts, I promise to become your best friend, your lover , your soulmate and to hold you in high esteem to toil with you accept any trials and challenges together with you so our heritage won for us, a good relationship is not about how wealthier you're or how good you are in bed, not even sex? but respect to each other how or what kind both might be, the respect to others also and the will to succeed, Jadviga ? don't forsake me and accept my proposal to you with Faith, settling down with you as husband and wife is the best thing in our life , you're valued to me and I promise to become a good husband who will fight for you, appreciate you, care for you, respect you and love you more and more, I will show you how serious I'm and how serious I love you, my sincerity, affectionately, humility, compassionate and respect you as my soulmate, I'm always there for you in times of your need so you may have peace and comfort i promise to put you under my arm to be protected and next the heart to be loved ,I'm sad being single but however accepted as is my Faith, my dear ? When life gives you something that disturbed your peace and comfort don't become sad sometimes disappointment might be your blessing, Jadviga my love ? I believed you may be my blessing ? a blessing that my entire being is thankful for .. I feel that we are made to love, listen, understand and work through all times in our lives together , a truly rare gift of love , you make me feel loved , you make me feel wanted , more Importantly you make me feel needed, I will never forsake you but to become Faithful and loyal to you, I will give you the love that you always dreamed of, where you're in harmony with my soul, I promise to put you first in every circumstances and stay together with you in times of difficulties until death do us apart, I'm waiting to hear from you soon, Yours Faithfully, Charles. +233244631824 or Sulecharlesagyenaab@gmail.Ghana

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