Monday, March 1, 2021

Polish Single Woman Dating Man for Relationship

Dating for Relationship Marriage
Poland Dating Site - Single Women in Poland
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Polish Single Women Dating for Relationship
34years - Single
Kraków --- Poland

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Sule Charles Agyenaab said...

Hello Julian, I hope you're doing good ? thank God I'm also doing good too ? I'm Charles from Ghana a young and energetic man of 34 years of age single without kids, I'm therefore seeking from you marriage relationship that may lead us to produced a beautiful and blessed offspring, but I know you might hate fake lover's, my love ? Prediction may be false even when it becomes true, but trust me, I will never disappoint you, I'm always there for you in times of your need and not to forsake you but stick with you through trying times, though I'm poor but trustworthy and honesty, a gentle soul with adorable qualities and hard working man, greatly committed to what ever thing I do someone that understand the value of a good smile and creates room for improvement, always ready to accept correction and to be able to relate with you in a more sound way, I'm not afraid of serious commitment and has the fear of the Lord, I believed gradually you will get to understand my entire person, you can realized that in our lives we all need that one person to share our thoughts , joy, love, fear and other feelings with, because ? in the life of every man there's only one woman with whom he can achieve a perfect relationship, as in the life of every woman there's only one man with whom she feels completely, Honey ? Life was meant for a good friends and great adventure, don't care for one's handsomeness but manners, attitude, and personality must also be necessary, love is life but true love is beautiful life in the world when you meet with the right partner, I promise to offer you support and accommodation when the situation has call for such, serious love are always respect, care and support love, more importantly ? make happy and never hurts, my dear, you're a blessing you know, that is why I love you , the secret to a successful marriage is a wife who forgives the foolishness of her husband and a husband who ignores the stupidity of his wife, that's the signed of every human who wants to grow with you, real men stay Faithful they don't have time to look for other women, they always are too busy finding for new ways to love their own, dear ?In fact I have come to conclusion that the only place to find you is my heart I love you and could search the world over and over again but still not find another to compared with you, you're becoming my best friend, my lover, my soulmate, you're a blessing that my entire being is thankful for.... I feel we are made to love, listen, understand and work through all times in our lives together a rare gift of love, don't forsake me and accept my proposal to you with faith, I promise to become a righteous husband who will fight for you, appreciate you, care for you, respect you and love you more, a good husband is not the rich but one who knows the value of a woman , I will show you how serious I'm and how serious I love you, my sincerity, affectionately, compassionately and respect you as my soulmate, I will put you under my arm to be protected and next the heart to be loved , I promise to give you the love that you always dreamed of where you're in harmony with my soul, Julian ? you make me feel loved, you make me feel needed, more importantly ? you make me feel wanted, I will put you first in every circumstances and stay together with you in times of difficulties and in times of your need until death do us apart, I'm waiting to hear from you soon, Yours Faithfully, Charles +233244631824 or email -

Sinneh said...

I'm tall big and bould I love putting on skin pit cloth at home,but when am going out for an occasion l love dressing descent. I'm awesome and I know it interest,I'm interested in a woman who is ready to make things out for me,I need to love someone and I'm not ready for games, the woman must be single and ready for me too. I'm not willing to shear my woman with anyone.
Thank you!
You can contact me on WhatsApp +23276818068/+23299525536
Or you mail me on
Thank you once more.

Ali said...

Enter your comment..I am looking for serious love you from Ethiopia I was 25 years old man

Unknown said...

+2348033456428 reach me if u re interested in me


Nice to know you +2347064298146

Unknown said...

My whaWhats number +23324007030809.from Ghana let chat to know each other.

Jose Manuel said...

Hello I'm Jose Manuel Thomson from USA, I'm 62 years old. I'm interested in knowing more about you,you can Whatsapp me on+14072127562or email me thanks.

Unknown said...

Hi, my name is Daniel. I'm a 23 years old Cuban man. I study medicine. This is my whatsapp +5359072332.

Amii Ne said...

Hello🙌beautiful❤ my name is Ayman from Morocco, 25 years old, a university student look for a serious lady to get to know🙏🌅
number whatsapp +212654071861

Owen Francis said...

Hi dear am single man from Uganda aged 34 years old please you can add me on my WhatsApp no +256773040017 or Email and we talk more Thanx Mr.Owen Francis .

MAMUN said...

I Am"Single Man Looking for Women deting,audio and video chat,Marriage" my WhatsApp number+8801316427860

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